Play [Free] Advance Ninja Unblocked for School

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Ninja Unblocked

Advanced Ninja unblocked is an ideal spot to show off your Ninja abilities. You should expert the utilization of the latching hook to scale dividers and do insane cliffhanger moves to achieve your goal. Abstain from tumbling off from a high height cause the outcome will block your capacity to make it to the exit without biting the dust. Just keep these things in your mind before playing advance ninja, there are different traps and switches to make sense of so as to complete the levels. In the wake of making this showing you truly become a definitive ninja? Play all-in-one edition of ninjas and other warriors at Super Smash Flash 2.

How to play Ninja Advanced?

  • Move: W, A, S, D
  • Reswap: Space
  • Shoot the hook: Mouse right click

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