How To Improve Fiverr Gig ranking?

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You need to see if your Impressions and Views are going well, check them out, if you they are rising and going then you dont have to worry, you certainly will get some in little time.

Also, along with that you need to send Buyer Requests everyday. Dont send them like you send a text, send like them like a professional, have a professional and ethical tone and talk professionally.

There are few things to consider to improve your gigs. Before making the gigs you need to make a research in your specific category to get an idea of how other sellers have made their gigs and which are having good sales.

Your gig must be unique in order to standout. And by unique I mean you must offer the same service but in your own unique way. Use better gig images and descriptions. Complete all the requirements of the gig and use Tags for the gigs wisely. Also, it is suggested that you use your own work as gig portfolio so that buyers can get what you have showed them.

Once you have setup your gigs do share them on social medias including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc to generate some views and impressions. You can also do paid promotions for your gigs on social media like Facebook Ads.

You can improve your Fiverr gigs by using less competitive keywords and check the stats after a week if the keywords which you have chosen is not working then change it and use better keywords.

Also, make sure to share your gigs on social media platforms so as to improve the ranking of the gigs and get more orders.


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