How to use twitch clip feature to capture best moments

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Twitch is an amazing website where you can watch world’s best gamers playing your favorite video games like overwatch or fortnite. Most of the time that happens when viewers would like to record stuff, but its not that easy because the video is live. With the clip feature you can record up to 60 seconds of live stream.

It is now easier than before to record and share video clips that you will want to tell your friends about. I could be the best grenade kill on PUBG or any kind of update outburst. With Twitch’s new Clips feature, capturing best gaming moments are just a few clicks away.

The Clips feature is not out everywhere on twitch, in easy words, this feature only works on channels with a subscribe button.

Following are the detailed steps to use Clips on Twitch.

How to use Clip on Twitch

  1. Login to Twitch
  2. Start watching a live stream
  3. Click on the Clip icon at the bottom right of the stream window; You can also press Alt + X as shown in the screen shot.

  1. Once you’re done recording, you will be taken to a new window where you can edit, trim or make the video longer.
  2. You can drag any end of the video to change clip length or drag the whole video back and forth

  1. After length adjustment, Give it a title and Click on the Publish button on bottom right corner.
  2. That’s all folks. This how to use clip feature on twitch.

How To delete a Clip from Twitch

  1. Login to Twitch
  2. Go to the player’s channel where you published the clip
  3. Click on the Clip tab from the menu.
  4. Find and click on Manage my clips
  5. Now check the clips from the menu that you want to delete.
  6. After the clip selection, click on Delete all selected

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