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Sonic Advance is a videogame created by Sega in 2001 for the PC excitement System game Boy Advance and later changed over for the compact comfort N-Gage. This amusement is the first of the Sonic arrangement that shows up for a Nintendo workstation, and the just a single for the N-Gage, in light of the class stages. It had two spin-offs for a similar reassure Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3.

Sonic advance online is a session of stages created by Dimps under the supervision of Sonic Team and altered by Sega on GameBoy Advance in 2001. This creation denotes the arrival to the inceptions of the arrangement: the two measurements. A port titled Sonic N is made in 2003 for the N-Gage of Nokia. It enables you to play with Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails ” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna and Amy Rose.

Sonic Advance Online:

Sonic Advance is a genre platformer made in a two-dimensional chart. The game takes place on the South Island. South Island). In the story, the hedgehog Sonic and his friends – Fox Tails, Echidna Knuckles and hedgehog Amy Rose – again continue to pursue the villain in the person of Dr. Eggman, who wants to retake the world.

Sonic Advance 1

The player will have to go through seven to nine levels (depending on the scenarios) called zones (Neo Green Hill, Secret Base, Casino Paradise, Ice Mountain, Angel Island, Egg Rocket, Cosmic Angel, X, and Moon), each divided into two and filled with various enemies- robots – badniks. Badnik. The player’s character can attack enemies by folding into a tangle in a jump, or by using a spin dash (except for Amy, she lacks this ability), speeding on the spot and attacking with a high-speed kick in a roll.

Sonic Game Boy:

f the character is harmed, he will lose all the rings, and without them, he may die in a second attack. In this case, the game begins either anew or a checkpoint. Rings can be reassembled in a limited time and no more than 20 pieces. In addition, there are numerous bonuses stored in special capsules, such as extra life, temporary invulnerability, or acceleration. Each act is limited to ten minutes; Depending on the time spent at the end of the act, the player is awarded bonus points.

sonic advance

Sonic Gameboy Advance Game:

In addition to the main game, Sonic Advance has three additional modes. The first, VS, is a multiplayer game that can be played four times; in this mode, the following missions are available, including collecting rings (“Collect the Rings”), finding chao (“Chao Hunt”) and race (“Race”). For multiplayer, you need to connect portable consoles with a special cable.

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