Super Smash Flash 2 Characters

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There are almost 31 character in the game 13 are from super smash flash and 18 are new characters. SSF2 characters divided into two categories:

  • Veterans
  • Newcomers


Veterans which are appear in official Smash games and they are 14 in numbers.

Donkey Kong:

This super smash flash character is called “DK” only fight with body attacks, his headbutt drives a grounded opponent into the ground. This is enough to provide a great combo and knocked down your opponent.

Donkey Kong ssf2


He throw eggs at the in arc that explode. He use his tongue to grab the enemy to his mouth and release them as eggs. His ground speed is high and air speed also one of the fastest.

yoshi SSF2


In ssf2 all characters Ness can call four types of attacks “PK Flash!” “PK Fire!” “PK Thunder!” “PK STARSTORM!!!”. He fights with baseball bat and with a yo-yo. He is the youngest character in Super Smash.

ness ssf2


Beauty with dangerous high heel which is her signature. Some of her attacks can cause heart effects. She use Toad, Vegetables, frying pan, crown etc as weapon.



Slower power moves but strong headbutt. He has agility upgrades from Smash 4.

Bowser ssf2


Breaks all kinds of shield that’s why he called “Shield Breaker”. He has good defensive skills, attack, range, power and speed abilities.

Marth ssf2


He is very fast and powerful character and can grab the taller characters. Shorter but faster then Mario bros.

Wario ssf2

Zero Suit Samus:

The zero suit is used as power suit by Samus. Her kick is more dangerous then other attacks.

Samus ssf2Mega Man:

His Mega Buster can be fired all over the place and damage all the characters.

Mega Man ssf2


He has the ability to fights by summoning other Namco characters.

Pac-Man Super smash


He throws arrow which can be redirected mid-air. And his arrow are unaffected by gravity.

Pit Super smash


t’s an Electric-type Pokemon and charge a high voltage electric shock to the enemy.

Pichu Super smash

Simon and Falco:

Simon throws axes in an arc. These axes return to him after a short distance.

Simon Super smash



Ichigo Kurosaki:

He is the first character in the game as a SSF2 new characters. He has a sword that deal a great damage with lightning effects.

Ichigo ssf2

Super Saiyan Guko:

Only character in Super Smash flash 2 which is fan made.He is the top character which is chosen by user. His Ki Blasts is very fast, weak but effective.

Goku super smash


Very fast, effective combo potential but low in KO power. Use Blizzard magic to freeze foes solid.

Sora super smash flash 2

 Black Mage:

He is only the character which change his attack properties. He was the ability to tackling the enemy with a piece of stone for his dash attack.

Black Mage ssf2


His bombs which are used for attack in game. He is one of the character which have no voice.

bomberman super smash

Chibi Robo:

He use Chibi-Blaster weak but fast. His attacks based on his plug with a electrically-charged.

Chibi Robo super smash

Isaac, Sandbag, Bandana Dee, Luffy, Krystal, Rayman, Waluigi are other newcomers characters.

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